The AVALON range of non-surgical fillers contains highly-purified hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) and lidocaine (0.3%) – for anesthetic effects. In order to offer the most comfortable and painless procedure AVALON Plus is administered with an ultrathin needle. In combination with the level of elasticity of hyaluronic acid, this parameter ensures easy usage and a high level of patient satisfaction. Ultrathin needles reduce the level of skin damage. In addition, discomfort related to the skin perforation by a needle is also minimized.

Each product targets different concerns for the face, neck and hands. The viscous filler, AVALON ULTRA Plus, is for thick skin and deep wrinkles and it is also efficient in restoring volume. The mid-viscosity filler, AVALON VITAL Plus, corrects significant wrinkles. The low-viscosity filler, AVALON FINE Plus, is for correcting thin and very fine wrinkles.

Please note that on occasion product package design can change, we will always strive to show the present design where possible

*The majority of our products are designed for professional use by doctors and specialists, by purchasing said product(s) you agree to supply on request formal proof of medical/professional training. Said product(s) are not intended for personal or home use.

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