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Velancia Press COG Thread

Innovative mesothreads Press COG Threads for vector lift and skin tightening. It’s made out of self-dissolving and bio-compatible materials – polydioxanone (PDO) and polycapronolactone (PCL).

Press COG Threads have a special surface structure and contain multidirectional deepened cogs. It ensures the most reliable ligatures fixation within the skin tissues during its subdermal injection.

Thanks to its unique feature – absence of external cuts on ligatures, a larger thread can be inserted into the needle of the same size – this is the main advantage of Press COG Threads in comparison to similar cog-based analogues. For example, one of the most widely used is 18G cannula with USP2 thread (0,50mm~0.599 mm) inside. With Press COG Thread a cannula of the same size (18G) is staffed with a larger diameter thread – USP3 (0.60mm~0.699 mm). Thus, under the same circumstances and regardless of the cannula size Press COG Thread holds a thicker thread. At the same time by means of increasing the thread thickness and due to unique cogs structure and its location period of degradation within the tissues is extended which ensures prolonged skin lifting and reinforcement.   

Thanks to the same unique feature – absence of external cogs on ligatures, within a large variety of needle sizes of Press COG Threads, one of the most extraordinary are 23G (0.57mm) that may place the threads with diameter of USP2-0 (0.30mm~0.339mm) –  an unobtainable characteristic for classic threads with external cogs on ligatures. Among the analogues produced by other manufacturers 23G needle (0.57mm) may place a thread with only USP3-0 diameter (0.20mm~0.249mm). Through minimal needle thickness (23G) tissues traumatization is minimized and rehabilitation process becomes shorter; due to use of a thicker thread (USP2-0) one can achieve long-term results of skin lift and skin reinforcement.

Due to the use of high quality materials Press COG Threads have strong elasticity, and at the same time are considerably durable.  Cogs add larger anchor strength and high resistance to tears and pressure. When injected under the skin threads create reliable frame that results in strong lifting effect that may only be compared to surgical skin lifting. 

During the process of bio-degradation, threads are dissolved into harmless components – carbon dioxide and water which makes its use absolutely safe and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Another important characteristic of PDO and PCL – main thread components - is ability to launch processes of neocollagenogenesis and bio-revitalization. Synthesis of extracellular dermal matrix is activated thus speeding the process of metabolism and skin renewal. As a result, patient receives a double-effect result from the procedure: skin reinforcing, formation of solid holding frame and well defined skin lift are combined with active synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers. Renewal of collagen carcass, in turn, leads to increase of skin moisture – skin turgor is enhanced, skin gets smoothed out and becomes elastic; wrinkles are reduced improving face contour.

There are 2 types of Press COG Threads: 2 Side Harpoon Type and 2 Side Razor Wire Type that are different in location of the cogs and its structure.

The advantage of 2 Side Harpoon Type thread is the ease of its placement thereby level of traumatization is lower and rehabilitation process is shorter. Thread of this type is suitable for patients with low pain threshold – especially those who are less pain tolerant and who may experience unpleasant feelings even with the minimal interference.  

One of the advantages of 2 Side Razor Wire Type is its ability to get tightly fixed to skin tissues exceeding by this parameter other cog-based threads. This contributes to its prolonged effect.

There are three types of needles used for injections:

  • L-cannula
  • W-cannula
  • Needle-type

Indications for using threads:

  1. Correction of age-related skin changes – gravitational ptosis, sagginess, low skin tone, formation of folds and wrinkles.
  2. Correction of the facial oval; face modeling and contouring.

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