If you want to know who we are and how we started our CEO, Roman Vernidub was recently interviewed and featured in a story at GritDaily.

How K-pop Helped a Russian National Build a Multi-million Dollar Business in Korea
by Stewart Rogers

Six years ago, Korean brands were not well represented abroad, and the idea of a foreigner building a multi-million dollar business in Korea was unheard of.
But that didn’t stop Russian-born Roman Vernidub.
“I moved out to Korea as an exchange student in 2010,” Vernidub told me. “I learned the language and the culture. It was important to me to fit in.”
Vernidub’s first idea was to work in the Russian embassy or the United Nations. “I worked for a year in the UN’s Economic Commission for Asia,” Vernidub said. “I’ll be honest – it didn’t excite me.”
So in 2016, he created a business – Koru Pharmaceuticals – a trading company dealing with cosmetology and pharmaceutical products, where he acts as CEO and founder. He has since been nominated in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list.

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