About the company

Koru Pharmaceuticals is a supplier of innovative pharmaceutical and cosmetological products from South Korea. 

The range of supplied products includes injectable fillers, biorevitalizers, anesthetics, lipolytics, mesothreads, serums, modeling masks, etc. 

Our company means high-end professionals, innovative equipment corresponding to the advanced industrial trends, as well as a perfect manufacturing process.

Our mission

Our mission is to manufacture and distribute high-quality products for making your business rich in new clients and purchasers, increasing your profit by means of unique modern health and beauty products.

Our objective

Our objective is to establish and maintain partnership relations aimed at long-term and beneficial cooperation. We are interested in the development of our clients’ business. It will enable us to create new products and ensure beneficial growth in the beauty market. 

Our manufacture

Our manufacture is fitted out with the best equipment produced by the leading South Korean manufacturers. Our unique manufacturing process control system substantially reduces the time of processing the orders (from a request to the final product). The product quality is checked at each stage of manufacturing. The use of unique combinations of ingredients enables us to create truly innovative products. 

«Aesthetic Training Program» (ATP)

Our company proposes a course of educational programs «Aesthetic Training Program» aimed at the advanced training and obtaining of theoretical and practical knowledges in the sphere of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Our training center is fitted out with all required equipment; the workshops and seminars are conducted by experienced physicians from the leading South Korean clinics that enables the participants to examine both the products of our company and new methods of product administration, as well as to apply their new skills in practice. 

See the detailed information on the participation conditions here

Research and development center

Our company’s research and development (R&D) center primarily means our qualified engineers who develop new products. We permanently improve the formulation and manufacturing technology, develop new formulas for creating innovative products. The priority line for our research is a sphere of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. We pay our special attention to hyaluronic acid products. Our R&D center includes the leading scientists who operates in the sphere of molecular and cell biology and chemistry. The specialists from different spheres research types and condition of the skin and process of its aging. The comprehensive approach to the development of products enables us to be a leader in the beauty industry.

We propose:

We actively participate in the international exhibitions and special forums

Our achievements

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Our company in figures: 

Over 60 distributors in different regions
Up to 5 days – door delivery in Russia and CIS countries
Over 60 employees in our team
Just 10 minutes for processing an order
Our products comply with such standards as ISO, GMP, CE and KFDA
Every year, we participate in more than 20 exhibitions worldwide
Every year, we sell over 100 tons of products
30,000,000 $ – volume of sales in 2017
Over 200 product items
This year, we have overcome 580,000 km to meet with our clients
In 2017, our company entered TOP 100 of the successfully developing cosmetological companies in South Korea*
800,000 satisfied clients who use our products all over the world 
130 chairs in our office – we actively look for new talents, we always have a place for you

*according to the “Business Korea” magazine (#7, 2017)