The Koru Pharmaceuticals R&D Institute is consistently looking for ways to improve the production techniques we use when manufacturing products.

Recently our R&D Institute completed development of MCO™ Tech. (Minimising Cross-linking agent by Optimising reaction Technology), a technology that is used when manufacturing our dermal fillers.

What is MCO™ Tech.?


MCO™ Tech. is a technique that serves to connect the cross-linking agent (BDDE) with hyaluronic acid chains to form a net.

Through optimisation of cross-linking reaction conditions in which a chemical reaction between the cross-linking agent and HA occurs, the use of the cross-linking agent is minimised, thereby maximising the efficiency of the cross-linking reaction.

Due to this technology our dermal fillers have a constant and soft injection force while maintaining consistent particle shapes and stable viscoelasticity. This helps our manufacturing team produce a better product for both practitioners and patients.

Our MCO™ Tech. technology is applied to all dermal fillers produced in our manufacturing facility.

For more information on our filler lines, Avalon and Crystal or how you can benefit from our MCO™ Tech. technology email us at [email protected]