Over the last few months Koru Pharmaceuticals have been working behind the scenes on a new look for our Avalon filler line.

  • Avalon Fine without Lidocaine
  • Avalon Fine Plus with Lidocaine
  • Avalon Vital without Lidocaine
  • Avalon Vital Plus with Lidocaine
  • Avalon Ultra Plus with Lidocaine
  • Avalon Grand Plus with Lidocaine

It’s not just the design that has changed though; a more durable syringe that has been designed for ease of operation has been used for all the fillers. A specially designed thumb rest, plunger rod and finger flange allow for a more confident grip and provide an anti-slip effect. This gives practitioners more control over injection force as well as greater precision and more comfort.


Koru Pharmaceuticals’ R&D Institute have also developed MCO™ Tech. (Minimising Cross-linking agent by Optimising reaction Technology). This technology allows our Avalon fillers to have a constant and soft injection force while maintaining consistent particle shapes and stable viscoelasticity.

Each filler also has a distinct colour for ease of identification, not only for the box but also the syringe.

For more information on our Avalon filler line go to Avalon fillers