III Round of Educational Programs «Esthetic Medicine and Cosmetology»

2018 05 23

On May 25-26, 2018, the III Round of Educational Programs «Esthetic Medicine and Cosmetology» will take place in the training center of KORU Pharmaceuticals, in one of the leading clinics of Seoul (Republic of Korea) - global capital of plastic surgery and cosmetological novelties.

The training center of KORU Pharmaceuticals annually becomes a major venue gathering experts from various areas of cosmetology and esthetic medicine providing a great opportunity to exchange information and share experiences at a professional level. Current program includes the following workshops:

– Placental therapy in cosmetology
– Thread implantology (mesothreads)
– Soft lifting with HA fillers 
– Injectable body contouring 
– Biorevitalization of new generation
– Botox therapy procedures 

The unique nature of all trainings held by Koru Pharmaceuticals is based on both practical focus on the acquisition of skills and delivery of theoretical information, including composition, indications, benefits of products and potential side effects. 

All specialists of Koru Pharmaceuticals are practicing physicians from the leading clinics of South Korea and Russia willing to share their experience and knowledge. Trainings and workshops are conducted with the use of high technologies. Thus, all participants may obtain and learn large volumes of practical and theoretical information in a short period of time.

An important part of each training is conducting focus groups designed to share skills and some insights on current situation in the field between the participants and physicians. Lively discussion and friendly atmosphere in the training center will make your experience with Koru Pharmaceuticals unforgettable. 

Following the end of the training, all participants will be given certificates as well as memorable gifts from Koru Pharmaceuticals.  

Course duration is 2 days.

Should you need any further information on the conditions of participation, please send your inquiries to the following e-mail: irinaverni@korupharma.com

Research Committee of the educational programs:

Julie Park, Coordinator of Thread Implantology 

Yuna Park, Coordinator of Placental Therapy

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