Our team

What We Do

At Koru Pharmaceuticals, we provide innovative aesthetic medicine and cosmetic solutions to help people maintain their youthful appearance. We continuously strive to develop superior quality and high-performing products to offer more treatment options for skincare and medical professionals. We have many partners and a strong distribution network worldwide, including dermatology and aesthetic clinics, plastic surgery clinics, as well as leading cosmetologists in Russia and CIS countries. 

Thanks to our talented employees, we hold one of the leading positions in our market sector. 

Careers at Koru Pharmaceuticals

Koru Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic organization that values employees, offering exciting and unique opportunities at all levels. Each employee brings a unique set of experiences, cultural background and thinking style that better serves our diverse customers around the globe. In our offices in Korea and Malaysia, you can hear conversations in various languages: Korean, Russian, English, Polish, and Chinese. Our diversely talented employees help bring in fresh ideas, perspectives, knowledge and creativity, which are the foundations for our competitive advantage.

At Koru Pharmaceuticals, you will be able to further your career in an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, which allows people to be themselves at work. You can share in the pride of helping to develop high-quality products that make a difference to people’s health, well-being and lives.