On the 22nd of November 2017, the “Conference for the Complex Approach and High Quality in Aesthetic Medicine” was organized at the Four Seasons Hotel Baku, hosted by the Academy of Laser Experts with the sponsorship of ARASH Holdings.

At the conference, Koru Pharmaceuticals leading doctors conducted a lecture and a master class on the application of anti-aging treatments and face-contouring by PLLA and PCL lifting threads.

Polylactic threads are very popular and quite powerful in ensuring a rejuvenating effect on facial and body areas. This is based on their high efficiency as well as a quick visual effect that grows on a daily basis making a person look younger. Also, the procedure itself is considered a low-traumatic one.

The procedure implies that polylactic threads are injected into the skin. They lift and support the derma and also stimulate those internal skin processes that delay and prevent aging.

There are two stages: during the initial stage that lasts approximately 9 months, the threads are implanted into the derma layers that ensure a lifting effect. During the second stage, the skin cells are activated by the lactic acid and start to actively produce collagen and elastin. Thus, the lifting effect is preserved for five years!

Another advantage of the procedure is its total safety: the threads are implanted into the subcutaneous tissue and do not touch vessels or nerve terminals. This reduces traumatic effect during the procedure and the risk of complications.

The conference was a success, and we are very pleased with the results, we would like to thank the organizers and all who participated.