AVALON™ fillers

An optimal combination of viscosity and elasticity

Avalon Fillers


Advancing Cosmetology Through Innovation

We focus on providing innovative medical solutions for corrective and aesthetic applications that deliver visible results and long-term solutions. We work closely with aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, dermatological clinics and other health professionals to understand their needs and the needs of their patients. With a solid understanding of their requirements, we develop relevant products that offer solutions.

As a company we are committed to developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovation and pioneering medical solutions for corrective and aesthetic applications in dedication to humanity’s quest for happier, beautiful and quality lives.

Committed to providing innovative cosmetological solutions


Supplying products to over 80 countries


Satisfied clients around the world

Constantly embracing innovation and change
Maintaining the highest service and standards
Providing high quality education to the industry
Meeting the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals