As a company we are deeply committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy while satisfying the needs of patients and practitioners.

Our new HA filler facility is comprised of a 1,800 square meter assembly area, along with designated product storage areas and a loading dock. Production capacity is 3 million syringes per annum.


“This new location allows us to better align our services with our clients’ demands in a competitive landscape,” says CEO Roman Vernudub. “Through strategic projects like this, Koru Pharmaceuticals can remain at the forefront of the industry by providing outstanding customer service for both current and prospective partners.”

Working closely with our R&D Institute who developed MCO™ Tech. (Minimising Cross-linking agent by Optimising reaction Technology) our dermal fillers have a constant and soft injection force while maintaining consistent particle shapes and stable viscoelasticity. This helps our manufacturing team produce a better product for both practitioners and patients.

The combination of our new up to date manufacturing facility, R&D Institute and MCO™ Tech. means that we are able to produce not only a high-quality product but a product that is beneficial for our practitioners and patients. OEM is also an option we can offer our partners.

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