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MCO® Tech.

MCO® Tech. by Koru Pharma

MCO® Tech. is an original technology developed by the R&D Institute of Koru Pharma and represents the optimised conditions of the chemical reaction between the cross-linking agent and hyaluronic acid (HA).

The technology maximises the efficacy of the cross-linking reaction and helps maintain a consistent particle shape and stable viscoelastic properties for smoother, well-performed applications.

The BDDE residue (byproducts of the cross-linking reaction) is maintained at the lowest grade which provides better biological safety of the produced Fillers.

Dermal and body fillers made with the MCO® Tech. technology provide higher levels of injection force, moulding strength, safety, stability, and viscoelasticity than analog products on the market.

1.Higher viscoelasticity compared to Degree of Modification

Degree of Modification (MOD)

  • MOD is a measurement of the total amount of fully cross-linked BDDE and BDDE in pendant state.
  • Low MOD value means less BDDE and less deformation – Minimise side effects = improved safety

2.Consistent viscoelastic properties

The stability of the viscoelastic properties of hyaluronic acid plays an important role in tissue engineering for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Through the analysis of viscosity values and consistent maintenance, Koru Pharma HA products can be always considered uniform with stronger stability and better mechanical properties and bonds 3 times tighter than the standard of other companies.

Fillers produced by Koru Pharma maintain consistent viscoelastic properties when stored and shipped overseas in compliance with general recommendations.

3.Consistent injection force

Consistent and stable extrusion force provides ease and convenience, as well as reducing possibilities of mistakes during the procedure

The consistent injection force of Koru Pharma’s Fillers significantly increases the safety of the applications and helps to reduce the possibility of overcorrections.

4.High purity

The quality of the raw material used in Koru Pharma HA filler is higher than the European Pharmacopoeia standard due to much stricter impurity controls used in our production.

The endotoxin of HA tested is less than 0.04 IU/mg

MCO® Tech. based products by Koru Pharma

Introducing a selection of skincare solutions enriched with our advanced MCO® Tech. Koru Pharma offers a unique range of scientifically formulated products. Enhance your professional skincare with MCO® Tech. – a convergence of cutting-edge technology and unrivalled efficacy, ensuring client satisfaction and business success.

Koru Pharma’s main manufacturing site in South Korea works in strict compliance with worldwide standards in quality, safety and environment, and is GMP certified. We will always strive to deliver products with the best quality, cost and service while staying innovative.