In Koru Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd we highly value the scientific approach to youth and beauty. We proudly cooperate with the leading scientific centers around the world and our partners are five leading research centers in the world-famous scientific clusters and three highly specialized laboratories.

R&D Platform

Short peptides

Safe and non-toxic protein compounds, short peptides awaken the idling ability of the skin to regenerate, stimulate the production of its own collagen, fight wrinkles and other imperfections. KoruPharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. creates new short peptide formulas that are most effective and inexpensive for mass production.Currently, the company's specialists have developed several new promising short peptides based drugs that are already entering the stage of clinical trials.


Toxins are not solely poisons, they can also be effective medicines. Exemplified by the history of botulinum toxin, perhaps the most famous of all, on the market. KoruPharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, studies the useful properties of new toxins and the possibility of their future use in cosmetology.

Placental preparations

Possessing a huge biorevitalizing potential, placental preparations are capable of awakening deep skin cells and pushing it to qualitatively new changes that further pushes back the aging processes.

Vitamins and trace elements

The main issue associated with vitamin drugs is the transportation of useful substances into the body, large losses and low efficiency. Koru Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd creates vitamin cocktails and compositions enriched with useful elements, which are distinguished by a high degree of absorption into cellular structures and maximum efficiency.


R&D Strategy

cellular biology and pathology

One of our most promising areas. Research in this area allows us to create new products today to help maintain youth and beauty.


Studying the mechanisms of aging is our task for the future. Research in this area will allow scientists to slow or shift forward the aging process of the body.

clinical gerontology and geriatrics.

Study of markers for lifetime diagnosis of age-related diseases and study of the demographic aspects of population aging.